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Entry #1

Introducing Myself.

2016-12-18 18:55:13 by KevinThomasAnderson

Hello, everyone. I am Kevin 'The Skull' Anderson, and I am a self-taught artist, writer, photographer and musician who is currently studying piano at home under a good friend of my friend. I am relearning how to read sheet music and will be taught how to write sheet music at some point.


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2016-12-18 19:06:16

sounds good

KevinThomasAnderson responds:

Thanks, buddy. God bless you. By the way, I neglected to tell you my backstory. Are you interested in my backstory?


2016-12-18 19:27:15

anytime soon

KevinThomasAnderson responds:

I grew up and was raised in the city by two mentally ill parents, one of which is still alive. I wasn't really understood by some of the members of my family because of my constant desire to be a success in life, but years later after I was abandoned in a courthouse by my mother and older cousin I decided to move in with two friends that I had known for years after living in a group home for nearly four years. Since then I have been taking music lessons from one of my friend's friends, and I have even taken my music more seriously than ever, even more so than when I was in the group home setting.
I neglected to mention that I am socially awkward in real life and very stubborn. Strange, huh?


2016-12-18 19:37:59

Nice to meet you! How'd you end up with a nickname like the Skull?? There a story there...

KevinThomasAnderson responds:

When I was a child I wanted to be a professional wrestler, so I gave myself the nickname of The Skull and my character persona was inspired by the supernatural elements of the worldly realm. I then realized after a brief stint with a middle school wrestling team that I wouldn't amount to anything as a wrestler, so I decided upon making music later down the road, and thus, The Skull became my alter ego and pen name. Interesting, huh?